Valves and Pumps

Gate Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves Needle Valves, Drain valves, Strainer Valve, Pressure Reducing Valves, Butterfly Valves, Block and Bleed Valves, Lift Check Valve, Wafer Check Valve, Swagelok Valves (SS, Bronze/Braze), Relief Valve, Submersible pumps, water pumps, Diesel Pumps.


Steel: Stainless Steel pipes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Galvanized Pipes, Duplex Steel; all of various sizes and grades.
PVC:Plain PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PVC-M, PVC-O, PVC-U; Corrugated Pipes and PVC fittings; all of International Standards.
Fiberglass: Fiberglass Pipes and Fittings.

Piping Fittings

Flanges: Various sizes and grades of Weldneck flange, Socket Weld flange, Blind flange, Spectacle Blind, Spade, Orifice Flange/Plates; and can be SS, Duplex, CS or Galv.
Elbows: Various sizes and grades; Long Radius, Short Radius; SS, CS, Galv. or CN.
Gaskets: Spiral Wound, Ring Gaskets, Octagonal, Flat Gaskets, Neoprene Gasket/Sheets.
Olets: Threadolet, Sockolet, Weldolet, Elbolet, Sweepolet, Nipolet, Latrolet, insert weldolet; all of various sizes and grades.

Other Fittings

Eccentric Reducer, Concentric Reducer, Reducing Tee, Equal Tee, Pressure Tee, Straight Tee, Swage Nipples, Barrel Nipples, King Nipple, Caps, Plugs, Cross, Bushing, Quick Couplings, Unions/Connectors, NPT fittings.
Bolts/Nuts/Washers: Stud bolts/nuts, Anchor Bolts, Expansion Bolts, U-Bolts, Screws (Flat head, star head, hex head, etc), Lock Nuts, Allen Bolts, Spring Washers, Ring Washers, Beveal washers; all of various sizes, grades and shapes.

Welding Equipment

Argon Gauges, Argon Torches,Argon Welding Machines,Argon Cap,Nipples, Hoses, Pneumatic drilling, filling machines, Electric drilling, Filling machines, Electrode holders, Electrode for welding, Welding Jackets,Welding Aprons,Welding Cap and Pad,Welding Gauges,Grinding, Cutting Stones,Welding Umbrella,Welding Blanket,Welding Torch.

Safety Equipment

Safety overall, Safety harness, Safety Shoe, Safety Helmets, Hand Gloves, Goggle, Disposable overall, Shoes cover, Hand Gloves and Nose Mask.

Equipment Leasing

We offer low cost equipment services.

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